The Best Birthday Gift Guide For Him And Her

The Best Birthday Gift Guide For Him And Her

The Best Birthday Gift Guide For Him And Her

It has almost become the accepted norm to believe that buying the best birthday gift is difficult. To speak the truth, you don’t need to understand the rocket science behind gift shopping. All you need is a gift that has the looks and utility. And at Nappa Dori, we offer much more.

This birthday gift guide features the most iconic Nappa Dori products that will be a perfect birthday gift for anyone. From designs that flaunt exceptional aesthetics to gifts that remain practical for a lifetime, these birthday gifts will be among the best ones that they’ll receive. So choose any from the plethora and make an impression on his or her birthday. These gifts will not only be appreciated by the special person but will also attract the eyes of the crowd.

Birthday Gifts That Go Way Beyond Greeting Cards And Flowers.

Birthday Gifts For Him

1. Bar Tool Kit

Now here is a birthday gift that he will use every single day if he or anyone close to him loves to tipple. This Bar Tool Kit is hand-forged in brass that gives it peerless quality and sheen, ideal for him to practice and flaunt his bartending skills. The bar tools come secured in a genuine leather wrap that will allow him to make a martini wherever he wants.

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2. Grenadier Bag III

For a bag that ideally captivates the versatility of the military design, the Grenadier III bag does exceptionally well. It is handcrafted entirely in genuine leather so that he can travel, commute, and fly with remarkable ease and unparalleled style. This leather bag will be the birthday gift that he will least expect but will always cherish.

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3. Cobbler Wallet

It’s not only the gift but also the gesture that matters and with the cobbler wallet, you will nail both. This handmade leather wallet will be a meaningful birthday gift for him that will suggest that you wish him all the wealth and success. Furthermore, its sleek and minimal design will make him fall in love with it. He’ll be pleased to take this gift for all his huge and humble adventures.

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4. Toolkit

Where practicality is concerned, the Nappa Dori Tool Kit exceeds any other birthday gift not only in its utility but also in form. This arsenal of various tools comes in a genuine leather roll-up making for easier mobility so that he can repair just about anything from a broken car to a leaking tap while still on the go.

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5. Untold SafeBook

This enigmatic and playful book is a perfect gifting item for a birthday. Carved inside this seemingly bona fide volume is a metal safe secured with a key to help anyone keep their “untold stories” from a nosy crowd. It is designed in handwoven ikat silhouettes that will blend right in front of the eyes of anyone.

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6. ClassicTrunk

The Classic Trunk fits the description of a unique birthday gift perfectly. It is inspired by the steamer trunks of the steamship era but with a modern twist. The precise craftsmanship detailed with leather imbues an unmatched quality that gives it the utility of a contemporary suitcase trunk but the looks of a vintage leather trunk

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Birthday Gifts ForHer

7. LeatherOrganiser

This is the birthday gift that will help her get organized. The Leather Organiser is an ideal solution for storing her important cards and documents while also keeping up with appointments and engagements. This handcrafted genuine leather gift will surely get all her attention while also helping her refresh her routine lifestyle.

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8. DayApron

Save her pretty clothes from the spoils of kitchen work with this cotton Day Apron. Whether your mother, close relative, or a friend, this birthday gift is suitable for all especially those who just can’t help splashing their dinner all over the place. Plus, there’s a pocket where she can store the phone for a quick recipe recap or replay her favorite song.

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9. CharlotteSling

The Charlotte Sling bag is the only birthday gift that will single-handedly redefine her every ensemble. Its sleek genuine leather shape is handcrafted by master craftsmen that evoke unrivaled elegance on every occasion, from office conferences to fancy celebrations.

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10. Arabica CoffeeCups

Aesthetically designed to bring a new breeze to her morning routines, the Arabica Coffee Cups will be the pinnacle of all her day-to-day activities. These are hand-cast in ceramics and inspired by natural elements to add an elevated flavor to her favorite beverage.

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11. SteamerTrunk

The Steamer Trunk is designed to make her travel experience smooth with its vintage design and perfect utility. It is handcrafted in sheet metal and detailed with genuine leather to provide sturdiness and security to all her travel essentials whenever she’s on the move.

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12. F Tray Set Of 3

The decorative F-Tray set is handcrafted to add flair even to the daily household chores. Its metal sheet body and water-resistant flooring not only strengthens its sturdiness but also its visual appeal which can set the stage for an endless list of impressed guests every supper.

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