What's your Valentine Like? Gift Ideas for Every Personality Type

What's your Valentine Like? Gift Ideas for Every Personality Type

While every day is a celebration of love with the right partner, Valentine’s Day is an occasion to present them with a token of your love- a physical reminder of the love you share. The concept of gifting for any occasion is subjective and even more so when it comes to Valentine’s Day gifts.

Your choice of gift is not just symbolic of the relationship the two of you share, but also the individual your partner is and your observation of their individuality, likes and dislikes.

Valentine’s day is an opportunity to better your understanding of your partner and express your love for everything they embody. While there is an innate uniqueness to every individual, there are a few broad categories of romantic partners that most people fall under.

We are here to help you with Valentine’s gift ideas based on your partner’s romantic personality!


Ready to lay the world at your feet, this is someone who loves the very idea of romance and is all things heart. Grand gestures and mushy old-school romance is the way to their heart. They passionately believe in the kind of novelistic romance that makes you swoon with promises of the moon and stars!

They love showering their partner with time, attention and gifts and enjoy the same in return as they see it as an ultimate expression of the love and care they have for their partner and vice versa.

So, if this is your partner, and you're looking to give them something special this Valentine's Day, a personalized valentine's gift is something that'll tug at their heartstrings and bring their fairytale to life!

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Contrary to the common misconception that practical lovers are all about reasoning and logic and lack the spark of romance, they are actually quite romantic; only their expression of romance differs from the conventional.

This is someone who views romantic relationships as a partnership that is built on the foundation of mutual understanding and compatibility. They express love and care through actions and go out of their way to do things that can make their partner's daily life easier.

While this is not someone who is big on gifts, they would definitely love something that serves a purpose and add value to their daily life.

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As someone who takes life with a pinch of salt, they are almost always calm and relaxed, making them very easy to be with! In romantic relationships, they don’t mind their partner taking the reins, and being a part of activities their significant other enjoys.

However, they’re not really the kind to make or initiate plans. Their idea of romance is being able to lounge around, relax and let things flow at its own pace. If this is your partner, we’ve got just the right thing for you!

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This is someone who is big on details and memories. As partners, they will remember every intricate detail about your relationship and you-dates, events, conversations, arguments, your likes and dislikes etc.

They always go the extra mile to ensure every little thing the two of you do is perfect, be it a date or a casual day out. The detail digger gets great joy out of planning and organizing everything to the T.

So if you're looking for a gift for your detail-obsessed partner this Valentine's, ensure you gift them something that'll show them you’re appreciative of this quality in them!

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This is someone who can never settle for the conventional. They are always looking for new experiences and different ways to elevate every experience. As partners they cannot handle routine in a relationship as monotony is not their cup of tea and they get bored easily.

Whether it’s through experiences or gifts, it’s extremely important to constantly find new and unconventional ways to engage them and add to their life the spark that they so eagerly seek! So, this Valentine's Day, think out of the box and make their day with some unique valentine’s gifts!

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If your partner is someone who experiences joy in the little things in life, you’ve got yourself an effortless lover. This is someone whose simplicity and innocence is endearing.

This is the kind of partner whose love language is quality time and attention. Even the simplest of gestures or words of appreciation and love can make their day.

So if you're gifting someone with this personality this Valentine's, skip the grand gestures and stick to simple and thoughtful gifts because it’s the intent and the thought that matter the most to this individual.

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