Our products are handcrafted by traditional artisans and are a symbol of fine craftsmanship and versatility! From daily objects to objects for special occasions, our range of products has something for your every need.

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Daily articles are a small yet essential part of your everyday routine. While their primary feature is utility, they partake in your daily life and therefore it is key that they reflect your personality and style. ... Nappa Dori’s objects with their exquisite designs and fine quality materials elevate your lifestyle and take your style a notch higher!

Rediscover the elegance in everyday objects with Nappa Dori.

All our products are made using the finest quality materials; wood, brass, paper, and leather. They are handcrafted by traditional artisans and are a symbol of fine craftsmanship and versatility. From simple candle kits to detailed bar tool kits our range of objects has something for everyone. Our collection of ornate objects adds life and character to your daily objects and essentials. With their minimalist, yet distinct designs and soothing hues, they are the perfect way to accentuate your home.

Our range of objects includes; Home accents, Serving trays, Candles & Incense, Desk Accessories, etc. Seasonal accents such as; Christmas ornaments too are part of this category to bring on the festive cheer!

Decode our collection

Our collection of objects covers an extensive range of products that are designed to make every day a unique experience!

Home Accents & Accessories: Home Accents & Accessories: Designed to exhibit refinement in every space of your home, our products include: bar tool kit, mirrors, cheese knife kit, peg board, candle care kit, mini gardening kit, and candle stands.

Trays: Our meticulously handcrafted trays are made using powder-coated metal sheets and are designed to offer you a lifestyle upgrade! Coated with vinyl, a water-resistant material also makes them perfect for daily use.

Candles & Incense: Our scented candles and incense sets invoke tranquility with their radiance and aroma! They are available in a range of earthy scents that elevate the aura of any space they’re used in!

Desk Accessories: Organize your desk with an exclusive range of Desk Accessories handcrafted to upgrade your workspace. From Vintage Scissors to Brass Bookmarks, our Desk Accessories are high on utility and crafted using exquisite materials.
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