10 Home Decor Gifts For Christmas & New Year

10 Home Decor Gifts For Christmas & New Year

The holiday season brings with it an opportunity for lavishing feasts and humble reunions. Whether it is the gathering leading to Christmas or a gala set for New Year’s eve, each event requires a bit of touch-up to your home. So, this gift guide provides you with the best home decor gift ideas that will help you or your loved ones decorate any space for Christmas & New Year.

Each home decor gift within the list is designed to spread the season’s joy through exquisite craftsmanship that will not only prove to be timeless but also uncompromisingly beautiful.

The best home decor gifts for Christmas that you and your loved ones will adore.

1. Candles & Incense

Nappa Dori’s fragrance and incense range is the perfect home decor gift for Christmas. These scented candles are hand-poured in soy wax to accentuate the season’s ambiance in your home.

Each candle brings with it a unique aroma that captivates the senses and gives an olfactory satisfaction to one and all.

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2. Griffith Desk Lamp

Adding a contemporary character to your interior setting, the Griffith Desk Lamp brings not only an ideal utility but also an Art Deco design to your Christmas feasts.

This study table lamp offers refinement to any space with its sleek frame hand-cast in brass that will prove to be an exceptional home decor Christmas gift for anyone with a vintage taste.

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3. Dori Living Rugs

Inspired by modern minimalism, the Dori Living Rugs substantially maximize, expand, and peerlessly enhance every living space.

These area rugs are sustainably obtained from recycling approximately 400 PET bottles and then ethically handwoven from PET yarn in order to leave a minimal environmental footprint, helping you consciously decorate your home for Christmas or New Year.

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4. Inception Mirror

The Art Deco design of Inception Mirror enhances the natural setting of any living space. This wall mirror evokes instant elegance with its golden rim and handmade frame, expressing grandeur in every setting and adding a depth of refinement to your Christmas decorations.

This antique wall mirror will make a memorable Christmas gift and will surprise everyone on your gifting list.

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5. Gunny Sac Planter

A portable decor option for your garden or patio, our Jute Planters are handwoven to seamlessly house your favorite plant and bring a fresh breeze of greenery to your abode.

The Gunny Sac Planters are meticulously and sustainably designed by traditional artisans to offer you a unique piece of home decor item for your Christmas decorations.

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6. Grand Candle Stand

Inspired by the Bauhaus Movement, the Grand Candle Stand is your statement of grandeur that will fill your living space with a distinct visual experience.

Its elaborate design evokes both modern minimalism and ideal utility, suitable for a timeless home decor gift for Christmas or New Year.

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7. Gullak

Explore the traditional design of our Gullak that will definitely impel your nostalgic senses and will give an Indian flavor to your holiday season.

Perfect as a home decor gift for Christmas or New Year, this coin bank is hand-cast in stoneware to safely keep loose change just like the old days.

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8. Vault Candle Holder

The Vault Candle Holder is inspired by the architecture of the Jantar Mantar, a part of which it holds itself. Its speckled ceramic frame is hand-cast by local artisans to combine conventional utility with modern minimalism, making it an excellent home decor item for your shelf or table.

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9. Untold Safe Book

The Untold Safe Book boasts a design that keeps your secret stories well protected even in front of the eyes of the greatest detectives.

This playful Christmas gift item is a perfect shelf or desk centerpiece from the outside while within it is carved a metal safe protected by a key that renders it the best secret book safe vault box.

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10. Hoover Wall Lamp

The Hoover Wall Lamp is a sculptural specimen that will adorn your wall with its hand-cast steel and aluminum frame. This wall lamp will express a statement of sophistication to any setting while also illuminating it.

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