The Northern Lines Collection

The Northern Lines  Collection

The Northern Line is a collection inspired by the clean and minimal aesthetics found in the Scandinavian countries as well as the rest of Northern Europe. The collection incorporates the design philosophy that the region celebrates through its arts and architecture, bringing modern minimalism to a contemporary form. All the Nappa Dori bags in this collection have been named after key northern cities as a homage to their characteristics.

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The Oslo leather bag is named after the capital city of Norway. It is handcrafted with precision to perfectly capture the essence of Scandinavian aesthetics and bring a geometric innovation to a minimal design. This leather bag flawlessly evokes refinement and flair that complements all ensembles.

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The Narvik is a bag of substance that offers unique touches of sophistication through its detailed design. This genuine leather bag is handcrafted in a quad structure that focuses equally on minimalism and functionality.

The Narvik brings clean and visually appealing aesthetics to the contemporary structure, celebrating the beauty of Northern Europe without undermining the traditional craftsmanship of India.

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Christened after a small village in Sweden, the Abisko is a bag of many talents that are carefully handcrafted to be a sling and a clutch.

Pioneering minimalism with its Scandinavian design, this leather bag invites elegance through neat lines of genuine leather that secures all essentials seamlessly.

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Blending the boundaries between fundamental geometry and elementary design, the Malmo explores a new visual aura in the structure of a conventional bag.

It is handcrafted in genuine leather and inspired by the artistic taste of the coastal city in Sweden after which it has been named, bringing a peerless exquisiteness ideal for all occasions.

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