8 Unique Stationery Gifts For The Seasoned Artists

8 Unique Stationery Gifts For The Seasoned Artists

In all your pursuits of perfection, make sure you are beautifully equipped. Whether for sketching or writing your fleeting thoughts or for crafting something beautiful, these unique stationery gifts will complement your creative endeavors whatever they might be.

So, these unique stationery gifts will make a professional as well as a personal gift for you or someone special. Designed to inspire and invigorate, these stationery gifts will carry a piece of your character wherever you’ll go and will enhance your work effortlessly.

1. Classic Pencil (Set of 12)

The detailed craftsmanship brings a peerless aesthetics to the Classic Pencils. Every pencil is designed from the finest wood to effortlessly follow your day-to-day life. This Pencil set will make a simple gift that will remain practical for a long time.

Get The Classic Pencil (Set of 12) For ₹525

2. Dossier 01

Designed to offer an opportunity for great penmanship, the Dossier 01 brings an unrivaled exquisiteness to the contemporary design. The notebook refreshes its ivory pages with leather details, offering an excellent medium for all your thoughts and musings.

Get The Dossier 01 For ₹1,650

3. Bookmark

Saving you from constant interruptions in your reading, this unique Brass Bookmark will come to your rescue with its inimitable design. Handcast in brass with genuine leather tassels, the Bookmark will neatly fit between the pages of your book, making it a perfect gift for everyone.

Get The Bookmark For ₹750

4. Classic Modern Scissor 01

These sharp scissors are a combination of vintage design and contemporary utility that will crisply cut through every fabric and paper. With hand-forged brass handles and stainless steel blades, the Classic Modern Scissors 01 will last generations of use.

Get The Classic Modern Scissors 01 For ₹1,250

5. Journal Multifunction 2.2

Designed to inspire and excite, the Journal Multifunction 2.2 gives an aesthetic twist to a fundamental function. The exquisitely crafted exterior enhances every aspect of your everyday experience. This journal will always surprise everyone as the best stationery gift.

Get The Journal Multifunction 2.2 For ₹795

6. Organiser

Organize your workday schedule with the leather Organiser, handcrafted from genuine leather to help you jot down every little detail on its encased logbook. This leather Organiser will make a perfect gift for any office colleague or project leader.

Get The Organiser For ₹4,800

7. Travel Notebook

The Travel Notebook is a sturdy and versatile take on the traditional design. Its durability comes from the tough genuine leather exterior that makes it apt for exploring rugged terrains or hiking uncharted mountains.

Get The Travel Notebook For ₹2,500

8. Diminutive Scissors

The precision cutting of the Diminutive Scissors will impress even the uninitiated. With minute hand-forged blades and a brass frame, this scissor will trim just about anything with utmost accuracy and control.

Get the Diminutive Scissors For ₹875