10 Ideal Bags For All Occasions

10 Ideal Bags For All Occasions

Whether for exploring the street markets or for complementing an impeccable gala look, our curated guide has everyday bags that go beyond their purposes. This guide will help you master the art of daily living with ideal bags that are built to accompany you throughout a lifetime of use elevating your travel, work, and leisure activities with their exquisite and minimal design.

1. Steamer

The Steamer Suitcase is a lightweight travel arrangement for all your impromptu or awaited escapes. Reliable and durable, this Suitcase is engineered to withstand any travel condition while helping you navigate any itinerary through its smooth four-wheel.

Shop The Steamer Suitcase For ₹36,000

2. Dual Zip Laptop Bag

The Dual Zip Laptop Bag is an everyday bag that makes a very professional gift for those whose work keeps them on their feet. With a genuine leather frame detailed with antique finish metal, this leather laptop bag offers a utility unmatched by any other and a style that will fit all edits.

Shop The Dual Zip Laptop Bag For ₹15,500

3. Grenadier III

The Grenadier III is handcrafted in our signature genuine leather with straps and a handle to handhold it or backpack it according to the occasion. Inspired by a legacy of military engineering and design, this genuine leather bag blends nostalgic elements with modern functionality.

Shop The Grenadier III For ₹13,500

4. Canvas Tote

Our Canvas Tote will help you stroll the streets effortlessly. With a practical design that is handcrafted from pure canvas, this ideal canvas bag will make a thoughtful gift for you as well as everyone else.

Shop The Canvas Tote For ₹1,050

5. Envelope Sling

The Envelope Sling is designed to be a polished addition to your everyday ensemble. Its sleek silhouettes are handcrafted in genuine leather to lend it a sophistication that will peerlessly accommodate your nighttime outings and daytime revelries.

Shop The Envelope Sling For ₹4,800

6. Narvik

Expressing elegance through its sleek genuine leather design, the Narvik will bring perfection to your everyday ensembles. Its handcrafted silhouettes boast a structured base with a detachable and adjustable sling to keep your hands free, ideally complementing your daily activities.

Shop The Narvik For ₹12,500

7. Quad 03

As an ideal bag for all occasions, the Quad 03 offers much more than meets the eye. Its graceful contours are handcrafted in genuine leather and inspired by geometric forms that not only give it an unmatched sturdiness but also suit every outfit, casual or professional.

Shop Quad 03 For ₹11,800

8. Belt Bag

Go exploring the wilderness or march through the urban jungles with the handcrafted Belt Bag. It is designed in pure canvas to give breathability to your essentials and an unrivaled style to your edit with an adjustable strap for the obvious.

Shop The Belt Bag For ₹4,200

9. Capsule Backpack

The Capsule Backpack draws inspiration from the Art Deco movement of the 1930s and uses clean silhouettes and fine design to amalgamate the movement’s characteristics. This everyday backpack is expertly handcrafted in genuine leather to enrich your day-to-day activities.

Shop The Capsule Backpack For ₹12,500

10. Median Large

Fundamentally handcrafted in genuine leather, the Median Large handbag brings fine craftsmanship to a clean design and functional design. Its spacious compartments can secure your everyday essentials with ease while an adjustable strap allows you to move effortlessly.

Shop The Median Large For ₹7,800