8 Best Diwali Gifts For Him & Her

8 Best Diwali Gifts For Him & Her

Every Diwali brings with it a unique festive charm that can be best expressed through Diwali gifts. It becomes a gesture of love and fondness when you share a Diwali gift with someone you care about; whether your friends, family, or colleagues.

So for this festive season, we’ve lined up an exquisite collection of useful Diwali gifts that will surprise your loved ones and will become their treasured keepsake for a lifetime.

This gift guide discusses the best Diwali gifts for both him and her, featuring handcrafted lifestyle products that are designed to add refinement to everyone’s festive revelries.

Best Diwali Gifts For Him & Her

Gifts For Her

1. Cheese Knives Kit

Hand-forged in brass and rolled up in cotton canvas with genuine leather details, the Cheese Knife Kit will allow her to Sauter and serve her favorite cheese course with utmost flair.

This trio of cheese essentials includes a fork, a knife, and a slicer that will remain the highlight of her dinner table.

Shop Cheese Knife Kit For ₹4,800

2. Grenadier II

What distinguishes Grenadier II from any other genuine leather sling bag is its versatile design that is inspired by the equipment used by the regiment of Grenadiers.

Meticulously handcrafted and skillfully built, this sling bag for women flaunts a detailed frame and an attached sling that will allow her to commute and shop easily.

Shop Grenadier II For ₹9,500

3. Essentials Gift Pack

For those who take painstaking care of their wellbeing, this Diwali gift pack will prove to be their perfect fit.

The Essentials Gift Pack features an exhilarating combination of Body Moisturizer and Body Wash, both offering a unique blend of natural ingredients that will keep her skin healthy, hydrated, and moisturized.

Shop Essentials Gift Pack For ₹3,300

4. Crescent Belt Bag

Give her the perfect Diwali gift that she can loop around her waist for all her cityscape explorations.

The Crescent Belt Bag is handcrafted in genuine leather to give her the ideal functionality and style of a perfect leather waist bag.

Shop Crescent Belt Bag For ₹7,200

Gifts For Him

5. Bar Tool Kit

For a man who loves to tipple, the Bar Tool Kit will make a perfect Diwali Gift. This kit of essential bar tools is hand-forged in brass by traditional craftsmen and wrapped in a genuine leather case to help him make his favorite drink anywhere and anytime. 

Shop Bar Tool Kit For ₹9,200

6. Alps Backpack Leather

The Alps Leather Backpack is uniquely handcrafted in genuine leather to be the best leather backpack for men. Spacious and sleek, this backpack is designed to ease his office commutes and his journeys abroad while also offering him peerless style on all occasions.

Shop Alps Backpack Leather For ₹17,800

7. Aviator Suitcase

Whether for a hasty business trip or an unplanned adventure, the Aviator will prove to be the best travel suitcase for all his overnight stays.

This useful Diwali gift boasts a lightweight body that is strapped with TSA-approved locks to keep his belongings secure in its spacious compartments, providing him with the best carry-on luggage experience.

Shop Aviator Suitcase For ₹28,000

8. Paramount Desk Lamp

The Paramount Desk Lamp is designed to bring an unmatched radiance to his study table. Inspired by the Art Deco movement, this study lamp is hand-forged in brass and detailed with genuine leather to provide him with the best Diwali gift that he’ll surely use and cherish.

Shop Paramount Desk Lamp For ₹9,500