The Grenadier Collection

The Grenadier Collection

The Grenadier Collection is inspired by a legacy of military engineering and design. All genuine leather bags and accessories under this collection are meticulously handcrafted to exude a certain nostalgia related to the equipment that the regiments of Grenadiers and Sappers carried. The collection features a lineup of bags & accessories that remain a versatile and durable token of timeless craftsmanship.

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The Grenadier was originally a member of the infantry trained in grenade usage and assault operations, usually selected from the strongest of soldiers.

1. Grenadier I

Bringing nostalgia to an inherently contemporary design, the Grenadier I bag stands as a practical lifestyle accessory. This portable sling bag is handcrafted in genuine leather with antique finish hardware to help you carry your essentials with unparalleled sturdiness as well as style.

Shop The Grenadier I For ₹8,200

Grenadier II

The Grenadier II is fundamentally handcrafted in the finest genuine leather and detailed with antique finish hardware to give a vintage touch to your edit.

This genuine leather bag is designed to bring you an immaculate shape blended with functional features. You can sling it across your body or hang it over your shoulder for an easy commute across town.

Shop The Grenadier II For ₹9,500

Grenadier III

The Grenadier III uses the design of its predecessors and adds the functionality of a backpack and handbag to it. This genuine leather bag encloses a set of straps and a handle, allowing you to wear it as a backpack or handheld it to all your destinations.

Expertly handcrafted and meticulously detailed, the Grenadier III will prove to be a timeless companion for all your outings.

Shop The Grenadier III For ₹13,500

The Sapper is a soldier trained in military engineering & other field fortification activities.

Sapper Pencil Box

The Sapper Pencil Box derives its inspiration from the vintage equipment used by military engineers or sappers. It is entirely handcrafted in genuine leather and detailed with antique finish hardware. Its portable design offers you the convenience of storing all kinds of small stationery items; from pencils to brushes.

Shop The Sapper Pencil Box For ₹2,400

Sapper Pod

The Sapper Pod is a compact companion that secures your easily missable trinkets and loose change.

It is handcrafted entirely in genuine leather to provide you with a handy and beautifully functional piece that you can carry easily and comfortably while also keeping track of your credit cards, business cards, cigarettes, and other small items.

Shop The Sapper Pod For ₹1,950