13 Gift Accessories Under ₹5,000

13 Gift Accessories Under ₹5,000

Budget shopping can be a bit tricky. If you have a neverending list of relatives, colleagues, and friends at hand, you can never expect to appease everyone.

To give a quick remedy to your dilemma, we have curated a list of budget-friendly gift accessories of peerless quality that will not only turn out to be the best gifts but will also bring joy to everyone on your list including you.

So whether for last-minute festive shopping or buying an economic gift for yourself, this guide will be your saving grace.

Classic Wrap Belt

The Classic Wrap Belt showcases a statement of differentiation with its powerful design. It is handcrafted in genuine leather with an antique metal pin and buckle that contributes to its timeless look. This Classic Belt will make an ideal leather accessory for everyone.

Envelope Clutch

Whether for a casual meet-up or a formal office gathering, the Envelope Clutch will be a refreshing companion by your side. It is detailed with cotton canvas and genuine leather for a speck of refinement, offering you a perfect gift for your colleague as well as for you.

Sapper Pod

If you are looking for a timeless and classic gift then this accessory will serve you right! The Sapper Pod’s thoughtful design lends it quirky practicality that will help you keep track of all your missable bits and bobs easily.

Block Pouch

A pouch ideal for all your compact size necessities, this Block Pouch is easily the most polished additional item to your handbag. Its pocket-sized design will keep you from scrounging your pockets, making it a practical present for everyone.

Billfold Wallet

A genderless accessory for those who have many cards to carry, the Billfold Wallet is a perfect gift for all occasions. The wallet plays with a timeless design handcrafted from genuine leather to offer minimal and functional safe-keeping of all monetary items.

Cheese Knives Kit

Carving and slicing your favourite cheese was never this easy. The hand-forged Cheese Knives Kit is created to polish your skills with its elaborate brass design that comes wrapped in a canvas roll-up, perfect for the budding chef as well as the cheese connoisseur.

Transit Wallet

The Transit Wallet transcends all small leather accessories with its detailed and polished design. Handcrafted from genuine leather, this wallet will be your new favourite companion for every little walk and outing.

Camera Strap

The Nappa Dori camera strap is handcrafted entirely from genuine leather finished with gold hardware. It comes equipped with a lens cap holder to help you conveniently adjust your camera to capture the moment which makes it a creative gift for artistic friends and family.

Poker Card Case

Unforgettable nights will follow when you’ll bring out this Poker Card Case home. Transferring the signature craftsmanship into the classic game, this Poker Card Case by Nappa Dori will be the reason for addictive playtime and relaxed evenings.

3 Fold Card Case

Having three distinct slots within one case, the 3 Fold Card Case remains true to its name but goes well beyond it in practice. It contains the function of a wallet, the finesse of genuine leather, and the uniqueness of design all in one case, making it a multipurpose gifting accessory.

Accordion Card Case

The Accordion Card Case, resembling an accordion, brings a refreshing coherence to the conventional design. The main compartment is separated into four different sections to help you keep track of all your portable belongings.

Untold Safe Book

This playful gifting item is designed to artfully conceal your “Untold Stories” right in front of everyone’s eyes and keep your secrets hidden securely from prying hands. The Untold Safe Book has a carved-in metal safe, giving much-needed protection to those “found” stories.

DIY Envelope Pouch

An infallible gift for all those stay-at-home days, the DIY Envelope Pouch Kit allows you to expand your imagination and make most of your time at home to assemble a functional envelope pouch following a step-by-step guide. Get your hands on your DIY gifting sets.