Best 6 Gifts For Mom

Best 6 Gifts For Moms

It is a truth, universally acknowledged, that all mothers have at least a vague idea of what gift is going to be presented to them on Mother’s Day, birthday, or any other special occasion.

We inherit their intuition that invades not only our lives but also our lifestyle choices. But evidently, the harder it is to surprise them, the easier it is to impress them and this list focuses on achieving both.

We reached out to different mothers in an attempt to understand the formula of a perfect gift for moms and pursued them to share the experience of the best gift they ever received.

Of course, they will say that your love is enough, but we understand better since we scrounged through the various interviews and curated the most meaningful ones to bring you products that will not only intrigue her but you as well. And none of them include breakfast in bed or a greeting card.

1. The Cheese Knives Kit

The Cheese Knives Kit is an essential cheese kit that accompanies a trio of slicers, forks, and knives, all hand-forged in brass and rolled up in an exquisite combination of suede and genuine harness leather.

“The Cheese Knives Kit was gifted to me by my son on my birthday. I was surprised to find it as I didn’t expect anything this polished since I was used to receiving flowers or greeting cards.

Now I have been using it to serve exotic dishes… with cheese, of course… like cheese tarts, crème brûlée, or cheesecakes. I find or invent opportunities to use it.”

Buy the Cheese Knife Kit for ₹4,800

2. The Median Large Handbag

The Median Large Handbag is handcrafted entirely in genuine leather and chrome finish hardware. It boasts a main spatial compartment accompanied by a single zipper pocket and secured by a neat magnetic flap with a tuck-in mechanism.

“Its design interested me more than its function. Not that it’s not spacious or anything but it has an uncanny charm to it which I think is integral to its design.

I received it nonchalantly but inside I was more than pleased. I take it wherever I go and it’s been quite a while since it was gifted to me by my daughter. I think it’s the perfect bag for all my needs.”

Buy the Median Large Handbag for ₹7,800

3. Jhola Bag Olive Green

The Jhola Bag is handcrafted from genuine leather and designed with harness trims. Its spacious main compartment is lined with heavy cotton canvas to provide protection to the items stored inside.

“My daughter one day saw me shopping with a worn-out bag and decided that her mother needs something that can last a long time and so she gifted me the Jhola Bag in Olive Green and I loved it.

You know it’s got the style, it’s got the space, it’s got everything I wanted. So now I take it with me wherever I go and whenever she’s with me … she taunts me and says: ‘Wow Ma who got you this beautiful bag?”

Buy The Jhola Bag for ₹3,200

4. The Chrysler

The Chrysler is meticulously handcrafted from brass and genuine leather. It provides a main spatial compartment lined with handwoven ikat fabric and secured by a hidden magnetic closure.

The Chrysler bag comes equipped with a detachable and adjustable shoulder strap for the convenience of carrying it.

“The first thing that came to my mind when I saw this Chrysler Bag was how unique it was… I mean it was Mother’s Day when it was gifted to me and I remember waiting impatiently for an event where I could use it.

I wanted to show off the beautiful gift my son gave me. A little show-off is also important when you have a bag as elegant as this.”

Buy The Chrysler for ₹11,200

5. The F Tray Gift Set

The F Tray Gift Set is a collection of three different sized Trays handcrafted from powder-coated sheet metal and lined with the water-resistant vinyl wooden flooring material.

Its handles are designed from genuine leather to provide a stable and sturdy grip.

“The best gift for me was a decorative tray set that my sons gifted. I loved it because the gift was something functional, something that I can use in the kitchen.

The Trays are very pretty. Their color makes them very attractive and I use them for all occasions, big or small. Their design always makes the guests ask where I got them from and I proudly say that my sons gifted them to me.”

Buy The F Tray Gift Set For ₹11,880

6. The DIY Candle Kit

The DIY Candle Kit is an interactive box that comes with all the essentials needed to craft a soy wax scented candle with a distinct smell and a personalized message.

“Being an employed mother could be a bit overwhelming but it becomes easier if you have daughters like mine.

So they knew how stressful it was for me to take care of office and domestic work …. and so they gifted me this playful DIY Kit that makes a candle.

Well, it would be okay to say that this gift encouraged me to meditate and have a little me-time amidst all the daily chaos. It’s these little things that they have done for me that make me love my daughters even more.”

Buy The DIY Candle Kit For ₹2,850