A Voyage through Hues: Autumn Travel Essentials

Autumn Travel Essentials

A Voyage through Hues: Autumn Travel Essentials

As summer gracefully yields to the enchanting embrace of autumn, you experience the world slowly metamorphosing into a stunning tapestry of warm, earthy hues captivating the heart and vision alike. The ever-evolving nature of life's journey mirrors the season's motto; change is the only constant, beckoning you to awaken the wanderlust in you!

We've put together an assemblage of our most iconic travel products in elegant autumn hues that embody the spirit of the season while also walking in the shoes of a functional travel companion on all of your escapades! Get on board the poetic journey of unravelling the essence of autumn's hues and rediscovering the art of travel!

A voyage of timeless elegance

Rich and full of character, the deep maroon of autumn is reminiscent of aged wine-a-treasure trove of timeless stories. Picture strolling down the cobbled streets of a nostalgic European town with our stunning Classic Trunk in maroon! Vintage, yet contemporary, this trunk is handcrafted to transform your travels into an elegant saga!

Classic Trunk

The landscape chameleon

Warm, inviting and incredibly versatile, Tan, much like a chameleon epitomises adaptability with its ability to effortlessly blend into any given setting, whether you're navigating the bustling cityscapes or the serene countryside. If your ideal is being able to make that seamless switch between work and leisure this season, our Crusader Large in tan is the perfect combination of versatility in hue, design and function.

Crusader Large

An odyssey of opulence

The deep green of autumn has a magnetic allure that simultaneously draws you into the heart of opulence and understated elegance. As you revel in the beauty of idyllic landscapes and unwind in exquisite surroundings, our vintage travel-inspired Steamer Luggage is your perfect handcrafted muse. With the functionality of modern luggage and the elegance of classic craftsmanship, it's a promise of unforgettable journeys!

Steamer Luggage

The escapades of beige

Like autumn's celebration of beauty in simplicity, Beige has the quality of bringing magic into the little things in life with its versatility. Our Weekender Bag in beige is designed to break the chains of the mundane with the mundane, finding liberation in the act of travel itself. Daily adventures and getaways alike, this canvas duffel is the most reliable and versatile travel partner! 

Weekender Bag

Echoes of resilience in verdant

Olive is an autumn hue, which like the season itself, embodies the essence of harmony amidst life's inevitable changes and the resilience to journey through. Our Hitchhiker in Olive, is adaptability and endurance in the silhouette of a sturdy yet flexible travel bag made of canvas and perfect to carry not just your belongings but also the spirit of your adventures!

Enigmatic blues

Navy blue echoes the depth of contemplation the season brings, embodying a sense of mystery and wonder that prompts you to explore and our Grenadier III in Navy blue is the vessel that enables this quest. Versatile and exquisitely stylish, this is a multi-functional bag with a vintage design and military-inspired structured silhouette making it the most reliable companion on your journey of endless possibilities!

Grenadier III
Whispers of eternal grace

As you welcome new beginnings in the embrace of autumn, ivory brings with it timeless wisdom and elegance, perfect to accompany you on your voyages into new horizons! The quintessential charm of our Steamer Trunk with its vintage-inspired design and ivory elegance invokes a sense of reverence for the past and a deep appreciation for the present.

Steamer Trunk
An earthly sonnet

Khaki is autumn's soul hue. Its earthy essence anchors you to the heart of the adventure, much like the roots of a tree to the soil-it both inspires and grounds. Our Alps Canvas Backpack in Khaki is handcrafted for the explorer in you, with its stylish and practical silhouette and durable materials, it makes for the perfect travel partner no matter what the nature of the escapade!

Alps Canvas Backpack

From elegant Maroons to grounding Khakis, autumn’s hues are abundant in the spirit of adventure and combined with our extensive range of exquisite premium travel products, they weave your journeys into timeless tales of exploration!