Weekend Getaway Companions

Weekend Getaway Companions

There is no better feeling than knowing that the weekend is just around the corner, it’s a great time to relax and unwind with your loved ones. A weekend from the hustle and bustle of the city will make you feel rejuvenated and well-equipped to handle the weekdays ahead.

However, packing for a weekend? It sounds too bothersome, tedious, and anxiety-inducing!

Discover Nappa Dori’s collection of functional and minimal bags designed to accompany you on your weekend adventures.

We have taken the liberty to conjure up a list of Nappa Dori’s overnight bags for you to choose as your travel buddy.

1. Doctor Bag

You don’t have to be a doctor to own the Doctor Bag. The Doctor bag is designed to keep you company for a weekend. It is akin to a duffel bag but with genuine leather detailing and antique hardware finishing.

The inner lining is made of cotton which gives it a supple interior. It’s spacious enough to house your clothes and other items congenially.

Effortless to pack and easy to maintain, the Doctor Bag would reform your travels forever.

Shop Doctor Bag for ₹13,500

2. The Hitchhiker

Unlike the movie, this Hitchhiker is safe to escort you during your journey. Handcrafted in genuine leather and canvas, it has two extra pockets in the front in addition to the main compartment.

Don’t let the rain ruin your weekend plans as the Hitchhiker comes with a waterproof lining on the inside keeping your belongings safe.

The Hitchhiker has your back when it comes to your weekend getaways.

Shop The Hitchhiker for ₹9,500

3. Dean Backpack

This quirky backpack will captivate the on-lookers during your trip. Handcrafted with a powder-coated metal sheet the Dean backpack is finished with genuine leather detailing.

Due to the sturdy structure, the bag allows you to keep all your possessions in place. It comes with a detachable backpack strap and an ergonomic handle, so use it however you please.

The clean design with whimsical colours of the Dean Backpack can add a tinge of fun to your travel voyages.

Shop the Dean Backpack for ₹12,300

4. Explorer 02

Backpacks have always been a more efficient way of travelling, especially if one is a solo traveller. Explorer 02 is the bag that encompasses all the traits one needs for a weekend trek. It has a main compartment with one small pocket with a flap in addition to two pockets on the side.

Go out there and explore with Explorer 02.

Shop the Explorer 02 for ₹17,500

5. The Daily Duffel

On the weekends when you don’t feel like leaving your comfort zone, rely on the Daily duffel. Toss your belongings in the bag and get out there to explore the other side.

The Daily Duffel as the name suggests is a practical everyday bag that you can grab and go. Made with thick cotton canvas, it is finished with genuine leather detailing. Perfect for accompanying you on your weekend getaway.

Seize the day with the Daily Duffel!

Shop the Daily Duffel for ₹7,800