Shade of The Season – Clay

Shade of The Season – Clay

Infinite colours in the world yet so few we can claim as our own!

One colour is quintessentially associated with Nappa Dori – ‘Clay’.

While we have the staples like black and tan, it was time for us to find our own ‘colour’ and hand-picked Clay.

A tint so fundamental that it’s associated with the earth yet a colour in which not many everyday products are made. A travesty indeed!

Therefore, Nappa Dori’s unique blend of colours that formulates this clay has an ethereal aura to it.

Earthy, elegant, subtle, and absolutely breathtaking. Embark on a journey to discover some essentials that truly embody the clay Pantone to give you a peerless product time and time again.

We present to you an array of 9 products that shine in clay while making other shades feel a bit ‘faded’.

Grenadier III

Even though the incredibly stylish Grenadier III existed in other colours, Nappa Dori took it a step further to revive this handcrafted leather bag in Clay.

Minimal and timeless design to offer you not only style but also functionality!


Designed to slide on your feet with ease and look effortlessly elegant, Emma is one of the must-haves for your closet.

Getting these flats for your closet is basically an investment.

Envelope Sling

An envelope to carry all your essentials? It sounds bonkers but here at Nappa Dori, we have made it happen. The Envelope bag in the earthy clay tone is handcrafted in genuine leather and has ample space to hold all your belongings.

Translate a traditional way of communication into a modern-day accessory!

Bar Toolkit

Going to a bar with your pals and ordering a drink is the norm but making drinks for your friends and astonish them is on another level!

Get yourself a Nappa Dori Bar Toolkit in subtle clay that will evoke the inner sommelier in you!

Harness Organizer

It’s always difficult to recommend just one thing from our class apart stationery collection. However, if one product makes the cut, its the harness organizer in clay colour.

A sophisticated and stress-free way of organizing your travel documents or documenting your travels and keeping them safe in the organizer.

Accordion Card Case

Whip out this card case in style. The delicious clay-coloured Accordion Card case is the only essential accessory you need in your everyday life.

The subtle colour does not clash with your dress code and looks effortlessly elegant in your hand. Carry it in your bag or as is, you can never go wrong with this card case.

Saddle Bag

Slings are in trend but Saddle Bag is a sling that transcends those trends and remains a classic closet staple. With saddle bag appearing in a supple and delicate colour, it’s bound to upgrade your look from head to toe!

Leather Tissue Box

Keep your tissues handy with an ease-of-use and minimalistic leather tissue case. This contemporary tissue box is ideal for day-to-day use with the mechanism of pulling out and refilling the tissues.

Leather Wrap Sleeve

Envelop your laptop in a sleeve it deserves. The decadent clay-coloured leather wrap sleeve is the perfect accessory to keep your laptop secure from any scratches and more.

Your most-loved leather goods from Nappa Dori will be coming out in this shade soon!