A Celebratory Journey Through Time: Vintage-Inspired Father’s Day Gifts From Nappa Dori

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A Celebratory Journey Through Time: Vintage-Inspired Father’s Day Gifts From Nappa Dori

Father's Day is around the corner and may we say that in our eyes it's just another day we dedicate to honouring our beloved Fathers -only in a much monumental fashion, presents and all!

While we carry with us his lessons of wisdom and cherished moments of love and togetherness every day in our journey through the year, Father's Day is the culmination of our gratitude with gifts that embody it.

If you're wondering what your token of gratitude is going to be this year, fret not, we've got your back with our exquisite collection of gifts that'll forever remain etched in his memory and routine!

With each product narrating a unique tale of love and nostalgia, come unravel our range of exceptionally crafted vintage-inspired Father’s Day Gifts!

Classic Wallet

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To begin with, wallets are a timeless gift–they never go out of style! The Classic Wallet from an expansive collection of leather wallets is your best bet this Father’s Day–effortlessly stylish and functional. Much like his love for you, this genuine leather wallet is crafted with great attention to detail, making it an ideal choice in enabling him to go about his day with all his essentials in check. Apart from carrying the essence of his remarkable character, this wallet is also designed to neatly compartmentalise and house all his belongings. Give your father the gift of unwavering dedication and timeless style!

Classic Brogue Shoes

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From your first steps to the countless milestones of your life, your father’s been your guiding force–for the path ahead, make sure he’s got a pair of our intricately detailed and impeccably crafted Classic Brogue shoes. Handcrafted in our signature leather welt and designed with a Nubuck finish leather sole, these shoes add a dash of Dori to a classic gift!

Chamber Watch Case 02

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We believe that the one thing that brings all dads together is their never-ending love for watches! From the modest to classic to high-tech pieces – whatever their range may be, a practically yet sophisticated watch case is quite thoughtful. In this regard, our brand new Chamber Watch Case 02 is a class apart and sure to delight any watch aficionado! This watch case is handcrafted in genuine croc-finish leather, making it an exquisite home for your father’s beloved timepieces–here’s to preserving moments of love in timeless pieces of craftsmanship.

Steamer Luggage Set

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These lightweight vintage charmers are a great gift to reignite the travel enthusiast in your dad while also assuring sophistication and ease! Inspired by the classic luggage designs from the golden era of travel, these Steamer suitcases are handcrafted to evoke a sense of nostalgia while also catering to the needs of convenience and functionality in modern times. Business trips, family vacations, or solo trips alike, these suitcases are a symbol of the journey so far and ones yet to be made!

Personalized Gifts

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Want to take this Father’s Day a notch up? Transform your classic Father's Day gifts into distinct and memorable tokens of love with our personalisation service! Whether it's a personalized wallet or a custom-engraved laptop bag, personalised gifts are a reflection of his unique identity and hold emotional significance.

Wielder Laptop Bag

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Resonating deeply with values of strength, resilience, and honour, this military design-inspired laptop bag from our Sepoy Collection is the perfect gift for a dad who values style with substance. Its harness leather silhouette is built to withstand the test of time much like the enduring bond you share with your father! The Wielder’s vintage charm and practical features make it a reliable daily companion.

Melvin Docket (Apple Leather)
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Journey towards a greener planet and a happier dad with the Melvin Docket from our latest Apple Leather Collection! Handcrafted using apple leather, derived from apple pomace, this daily carry docket is your vegan alternative to genuine leather – a conscious gift for the man whose value system has built you!