Mother’s Day Edit: Our gift, your moment to celebrate her

Our gift, your moment to celebrate her

Mother’s Day Edit: Our gift, your moment to celebrate her.

In the Book of Life, motherhood will always be the preface, for just as it lays out the course of the journey that the reader would undergo, so, does the genesis of life itself, Mothers! Wearing many hats in their lives, they become a guardian, a doting friend, and our biggest cheerleaders guiding us with their wisdom and often witty puns!

As the day of reverence, love, and affection approaches so does the need for the perfect gift, that too would adorn many-a-hats, just like our mums do, while also capturing the adoration and the awe that we feel towards the special women in our lives!

This Mother’s Day, bag her love with distinct Nappa Dori leather bags that would make the best Mother’s Day Gifts!

All Things Vintage

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If your mother loves all things vintage, then the Kisslock Bag is the perfect gift for her. Bearing semblance to your mother’s loving embrace which has adorned the precious moments of your life, this vintage-inspired sling will surely grace every precious moment of your mother’s life

Escapades to Dreamscapes

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Treat mom to a versatile sling that can be her constant carry whether she’s out shopping or heading for brunch! Crafted to offer the utmost comfort, the Wilda Sling can be her go-to companion for all her invigorating escapades.

The Poetry of Yesteryears

Steamer Sling

The Steamer Sling strings the echoes of the bygone days, where simplicity presided over everyday living; clamping the poetry of yesteryears it invites one to saunter the pathways of remembrance

A story woven in nostalgia and wanderlust, it features the finest quality of leather and a unique vintage attache look for added poise! In addition to its distinct and minimal silhouette, it also has plenty of space for all your mom's daily essentials.

On Conquering The Daily Hustles!

Mea Bucket Bag

An ideal gift for moms who’re always on the go, the Mae Bucket Bag with its spacious interior and smart design allows your mother to juggle multiple things at once. The ultimate bucket bag for your mother to easily conquer the daily hustle! Its sleek silhouette and versatile functionality are a testament to classic craftsmanship combining elegance with a utilitarian form.

A Touch of Sunshine

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As the tendrils of summer unfold into gleaming days, gift your mom a touch of sunshine with the Mabel Shoulder Bag! Perfect for keeping small essentials neatly organized. Handcrafted with precision it’s sure to become your mother’s wardrobe staple.

Cradling Solace, Treasured Promises

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Take your mom back in time with the Valerie Shoulder Bag, an enigmatic token, and a sublime reminder of her majestic beauty. Carrying the whispers of warmth and affection that have been your guiding light through and through, this distinct leather bag can help elevate your mum’s evening look. For in her embrace, you have found solitude in many evenings as they transition to night, accompanied by soothing lullabies. Let this shoulder bag be a sweet gesture of gratitude that shall forever remain timeless as the essence of this bag.