Nature’s Alchemy: The Apple Leather Collection By Nappa Dori

The Apple Leather Collection By Nappa Dori

Nature’s Alchemy: The Apple Leather Collection By Nappa Dori

Connoisseurs of leather and advocates of sustainability-gather! Imagine a world where luxury meets conscience and style intertwines with environmental stewardship!

Here, nestled amidst the vibrant streets of the country's bustling capital city, in the heart of our workshop, a quiet revolution began. Inspired from our own ethos and by the global movement towards sustainability and conscious living, we at Nappa Dori set forth on a daring quest to redefine luxury with innovation at the helm!

The Quest Begins

As the world around awakened to the pressing need for sustainable alternatives on all fronts, the call of the conscience echoed here too at Nappa Dori and the seed was sown for the Apple Leather Collection-our response to this collective awakening. Our commitment to reducing our carbon footprint led us on a journey of exploration and innovation, resulting in an exquisite material, an embodiment of distinction and responsibility alike.

a fruity twist: A Stroke of Genius!

From orchards to couture, from farm to retail-the journey of Apple Leather from ours to yours is one of exceptional innovation! Crafted from Apple Pomace, this premium vegan leather alternative is sure to capture your imagination with its rich texture and unparalleled durability- an indigenous symbol of possibility and potential.

The Apple Leather Collection - Conscience Woven into Leather!

While the age-old narrative of craftsmanship and ethical sourcing binds all our products, The Apple Leather Collection, in particular, stands out! How so?

Let's look at what makes this collection truly one of a kind! Beyond the aesthetic value of the products this collection encompasses, a large part of it is rooted in embracing a lifestyle of mindful consumption. Every piece has a tale to tell and a statement to make!

Voyager Laptop Bag: The essence of modern exploration woven into sustainable leather, the Voyager Laptop Bag is elegance and functionality bagged into one sophisticated sanctuary for your work and travel essentials alike!


Melvin Docket: Whether it's organizing your daily essentials (iPad, notebooks etc) or capturing fleeting inspirations, the Melvin Docket is mindfully designed to play muse to all your endeavors-routine or creative. 

Leather IPad Case

Clapton Crossbody: A fanny pack that effortlessly transitions from day to night, the versatile Clapton crossbody is a conscious take on urban chic!

Waist Pack Bag

Marlow Dopp Kit: Jet-set with the meticulously reimagined classic 'Marlow Dopp Kit' a compact yet spacious organiser for all your grooming essentials and a symbol of elegance and sustainability on the go!

As this journey unfolds, explore every stitch and every detail that's designed to pave the way for a greener future- a sign of your commitment to making a difference, one accessory at a time!

Leather Dopp Kit

A New Dawn in Luxury's Horizon!

In this evolving landscape of luxury, the Apple Leather Collection is a testament to the transformative power of conscious design-redefining luxury, and inspiring change in consumption for generations to come. Like the rays of the sun in the light of a new dawn, this collection is a beacon of hope- a reminder that luxury and conscience can coexist in harmony!