Nappa Dori August Edit 2021

Nappa Dori August Edit 2021

The haziness of July melts into a torrent of showers as August finds its way into the year. The month cloaks the sun under a grey blanket and restores nature’s resources with downpours from overcast clouds. 

There is something visceral in watching the rains fall from the heavens and grace the earth beneath your feet. It evokes a certain nostalgia – of the journeys of paper boats that aimlessly float in the unending streams and the gusts of water and wind that caresses your morning face each time you open your window. 

August then becomes a very distinct month, with its own smell, its own landscape, and its own emotions. Nappa Dori tried to capture this very essence of the month through various edits, picks, offers, and arrivals, giving you ideal options to celebrate the monsoon at its peak.

The Rakhi Edit

Finding its place in the heart of August, Raksha Bandhan gave us the opportunity to celebrate the simple sibling moments. We launched a collection of handcrafted Rakhis and special occasion gifts to help you express your gratitude to your sibling. Each was detailed in genuine leather to fit any wrist with a seamless flair.

New Arrivals

The Founder Sling – ₹10,500

The Founder Sling bag is designed to see you through your weekdays effortlessly. Handcrafted with details, this genuine leather bag offers a seamless functionality of storing your portable essentials for formal gatherings and evenings out. It is handcrafted in genuine leather with an impeccable flourish to make your arrival known in the office. 

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Our Picks For August

Bar Tool Kit – ₹9,200

Bar Tool Kit gives you the perfect tools to make your favorite apéritif and celebrate the monsoon the proper way: by relishing a sip of negroni in front of your window as the rain pours in. The arsenal consists of bar essentials that will enable you to measure, mix, and open your drinks with the finesse of a professional bartender and tipple the finest flavors at home.

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Umbrella – ₹3,800

Perfect for a rainy day, these umbrellas will last you the whole of August and beyond with their seamless functionality and peerless style. Nappa Dori’s Umbrellas are accompanied by a waterproof tetron cover with a shoulder sling that allows you to carry it effortlessly anywhere and anytime.

Pillar Candle Rain – ₹650

Capturing the spirit of monsoon, this soy-wax pillar candle evokes an exhilarating aroma that will be your treasured ambiance for all seasons. It is hand-poured to fill your setting with an inviting aura, soothing your olfactory senses with the nostalgic scent of rain.

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