The DIY Kits Collection

The DIY Kits Collection

The DIY Kits Collection is Nappa Dori’s endeavor to kindle the love for simple craftsmanship in the uninitiated as well as the seasoned craftsmen. This collection strives to educate people about our signature leatherwork techniques that fill our products with the timeless quality they are known for.

Each DIY kit in this collection is equipped with the essentials needed to craft a unique accessory through various interactive steps of cutting, coloring, and connecting. These methods instill a creative essence in the artisan, allowing him or her to shape a practical and elementary design that complements their day-to-day life.

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Bring “Handcrafted” Home, Do It Yourself.

1. DIY Envelope Pouch

The DIY Envelope Pouch takes “handcrafted” a step further and allows you to carve, color, and stitch a genuine piece of leather into your own envelope pouch. Following the instruction folio provided with the kit, you can follow simple steps and experience the age-old Indian craftsmanship.

Buy The DIY Envelope Pouch Kit For ₹2,850

2. DIY Belt Kit

The DIY Belt Kit gives you the opportunity to learn the quintessential craftsmanship followed by a generation of Indian artisans. This kit offers a unique insight into the workings of leather, allowing you to cut, color, and assemble a genuine leather strip into a leather belt with the help of basic tools and equipment.

Buy The DIY Belt Kit For ₹3,600

3. DIY Candle Kit

The DIY Candle Kit offers you an exceptional chance to learn a craft that goes beyond leatherworks. This DIY Kit allows you to hand-pour a fragrant soy-wax candle with the help of key essentials and ready a candle that exudes an inviting aroma upon burning. The kit also comes with a writable message label ​that only​ reveal​s​ itself when the candle burns, making it an ideal gift item for all occasions.

Buy The DIY Candle Kit For ₹2,850

4. DIY Wire Clips

The DIY Wire Clips bring unmatched simplicity and utility to your space by helping you design and color four different wire clips to remain organized. This DIY Kit tests your elementary skills and helps understand the details and precision required to craft a fundamental necessity. 

Buy The DIY Wire Clips For ₹2,250